Foiling, Balayage and Ombre: What’s Different?

There’s definitely a difference between these three. We want you to know what each treatment entails before requesting for it. Maxwell’s Salon provides different hair treatments that are similar that give amazing results.

  • Foiling

Revered for its high maintenance and traditional technique of hair coloring. When your hair is foiled, each strand of hair is separated and painted by your stylist. It is quite simple, the stylist uses a rattail comb to pick out hair strands, while a foil is placed underneath before it is painted on. Foiling allows for multiple colors on your hair from the top to the root without it coming out messy. Depending on how skilled your stylist is, you can achieve an even and balanced hair color either in a tiny or bold form.

  • Balayage

This technique has a French origin, in case you don’t know. Balayage is a French word that means “sweep individual hair strands that colors separately.” When the color is added to any section, it is combed down so that every part is touched. This technique is more like freehand painting. Balayage is ideal for clients aiming for a natural looking ambience to their hair. The natural looking effect created by this technique is great and different.

  • Ombre

An Ombre is when you see a hair color fading into another one, from dark to light. The twist here is the use of Balayage technique for achieving the Ombre look. Most times the stylist applies colors at the root of the hair and it fades towards the top of the hair. A stylist may also paint on foils to achieve this method.

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