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Client Testimonials

“You will definitely get great service here for a great price and amazing customer care!”
Marry Ray
“Thank you for making me feel comfortable in a new salon. I'll be back :)”
“Maxwell's Salon is actually the hidden BEST DEAL in Orange County!”
Selvia Jeffry
"I got the best color ever, my friends and co workers complement on my hair.”
Lydia Greenway
“My haircut is perfect and my highlights are stunning! Thank you for your patience and perfectionism, you're a rock solid stylist. I look forward to our next appt.”
Jos Buttler
“I have never been happier with my appearance...thank you for making me feel good about myself.”
Sara Tylor
“Not only was I able to find a Salon in the Vicinity of my Work and Residence , But I had Found what I what I was looking For and what I had been missing All these Years”