Choosing Between Waxing and Threading.

As a woman, prepare your mind that you will have to shape your eyebrows at least once in a year. Even if you are good with tweezers and can do it on your own, you still deserve a professional touch to your eyebrows. You should know you have two options, either to wax or thread. Are you familiar with the differences between the two? Choosing any of the two is up to you, beyond the results derivable.


A new concept in the art of removing unwanted facial hair. Both men and women can use two pieces of thread to remove unruly and bushy hair. Technically known as artistic scissoring which is more like pulling the hair right out of the hair follicle. There are several good reasons why many people are choosing this technique over others.

Pros of Threading
Threading is a natural method of removing unwanted facial hair. It has the following benefits
1. You will not be exposing your face and skin to harsh chemicals, you will be able to avoid artificial fragrances, dangerous dyes and other harmful chemicals that are not nice to your skin.
2. In case you have sensitive skin, threading won’t cause any form of irritation. Threading won’t lead to red or raw skin, helping to avoid skin damage altogether.
3. Threading is faster and quicker than other methods of hair removal. By the time you spend half of the time, you will spend on waxing, you’ll be out.
4. You won’t be reacting to any allergy or having any premature wrinkles.
5. While waxing last for a little above two weeks, threading will spend more than 4 years before you need to book another appointment.

Cons of Threading
1. Anyone can do threading which means you’ll need to do your research and ask the necessary questions before allowing anyone carry out threading on your face.
2. In any case, threading is done incorrectly, you will end up with having stray hairs. Regrown hair will show up faster and noticeable.
3. In order to achieve successful threading, you will have to wait for a longer period between appointments. It must have grown one sixteenth of an inch long.


This is the most common technique when it comes to the removal of unwanted facial hair. Using hypoallergenic wax, which is applied directly to the skin when it hardens and removed later using wax strips. In the process of removing wax, the hair is removed with the wax.

Pros of Waxing
1. Unlike what many people believe, waxing comes with lesser pain than threading. The hairs are pulled out slower than threading.
2. Waxing can be done on other parts of the body other than the face.
3. In terms of cost, waxing comes at a cheaper cost than other hair removal technique.

Cons of Waxing
1. Waxing is not the best choice for everyone, it may lead to irritation if you have sensitive skin.
2. Wax can also cause some damage to your skin.
3. Lastly, waxing will bring out premature wrinkles over time.

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